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Christmas Display Snowmen

We offer a range of snowmen for window / in-store display, event theming and other Christmas displays. Our traditional snowmen are made from either 2 or 3 polystyrene balls. We also have a range of Character snowmen in various styles. 

Our snowmen are produced from expanded polystyrene containing a flame regarding additive.  The snowmen can look great in plain white, or we have a range of finished available including snow-effect, white or frost glitter and white FineRock.   We also have 2 special finishes - White jesmonite - which is a hard coating, and white paper / papier Mache.  These are note available on line, so please give the studio a call if you are interested. 

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2 Ball Snowmen

The 2 ball snowmen are produced form fully 3d polystyrene balls. 

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3 Ball Snowmen

The 3 ball snowmen are produced form fully 3d polystyrene balls. 

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Character Snowmen

We have a range of character snowmen in different styles . 

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Please note: We are currently developing this area of the website. our Snowmen are not available to buy online. For more details and prices see here:  or give a member of our team a call on 029 20 522 510. 

230 mm high - 2 Ball Snowman
£ 55.50 £ 55.50 55.5 GBP
1070mm high - 3 Ball Polystyrene Snowman
£ 248.64 £ 248.64 248.64000000000001 GBP

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