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Valentine's VM Shelves

Transform you Valentines window displays, while keeping your product centre stage.  Our VM heart shelves are great for drawing in passing trade, by creating an eye catching display - but rather than detract from your products, these frame them!  Continue shopping below, or for full details and more photos see here.

VM Heart Shelves:
Classic Collection

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VM Heart Shelves:

Curved Collection

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VM Heart & Cupid Shelves

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VM Heart Shelves:
Premium Collection.

New for 2023 is our premium range of VM heart shelves. There are constructed from MDF and thin plywood. They are still relatively light - but much stronger then their polystyrene counterparts. These can be covered with glitter and finerock, however, there is also much wider range of finishes available in this range including wood stains and smooth colours and metallic. These are not available to buy online yet, so please contact the studio for more info. 


FineRock is a relatively new finish. It is available accross all ranges. It is a nice alternative to glitter glitter. It has a fine texture, with a small amount of glisten. Fine rock is not currently available in the online store, so get in touch if you would like more info.

Papier-Mache effect Hearts

 Give our Heart VM shelves a rustic flair with a layer of papier-mâché. Choose from a wide range of color options, or personalize it with custom-designed paper. Right now, we're applying this technique to a polystyrene heart, but we're also working on an eco-friendlier version using only cardboard and paper. For more information or to discuss custom designs, feel free to contact us.

Browse all Valentines VM shelves:

300mm (approx. 12 inches) Heart VM Shelf
£ 62.95 £ 62.95 62.95 GBP
380mm (approx. 15 inches) Heart VM Shelf
£ 80.51 £ 80.51 80.51 GBP
568mm (approx. 22 inches) Heart VM Shelf
£ 127.06 £ 127.06 127.06 GBP
877mm (approx. 35 inches) Heart VM Shelf
£ 233.06 £ 233.06 233.06 GBP
568mm (approx. 22 inches) Curved Heart VM Shelf
£ 151.07 £ 151.07 151.07 GBP
877mm (approx. 35 inches) Curved Heart VM Shelf
£ 283.26 £ 283.26 283.26 GBP
300mm (approx. 12 inches) VM Cupid-Heart Shelf
£ 84.35 £ 84.35 84.35000000000001 GBP
500mm (approx. 20 inches) VM Cupid-Heart Shelf
£ 120.86 £ 120.86 120.86 GBP
580mm (approx. 23 inches) VM Cupid-Heart Shelf
£ 166.17 £ 166.17 166.17000000000002 GBP

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