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Polystyrene Letters

Polystyrene letters and logos are ideal for exhibitions, photo shoots, events, in-store display and out door sign use. They can be supplied white, painted, covered with glitter, faced with acrylic, or one of our specialist finishes. We have over 40 years experience in cutting  polystyrene letters.

We have 2 standard fonts available to order online from 300mm tall to 1165 mm tall, in plain white, painted or glittered.  If you need a custom size, font or finish please contact the studio for a quote: tel. 029 20 522 510  e.

We also manufacture 3d wooden letters. see here for more info.

Select your font:

Arial Bold

A classic sans serif font. 
Many of the letters are almost as wide as they are high. 

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Impact Condensed

A modern narrow font. Most of the letters have a width less than half of their height.  These are great when space, or budget is a concern.

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Custom Size & Font

We are able to cut 3d polystyrene letters in any font you would like, and can also cut from your custom art work.

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Custom Logos

Custom logos, signs and branding can be cut from polystyrene and finished with out range of options. These can be a standard 2d silhouette, or a more complex logo built up in layers.

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500 mm high polystyrene letter - Impact Condensed - Glittered
£ 63.80 £ 63.80 63.800000000000004 GBP
760 mm high polystyrene letter - Impact Condensed - Painted
£ 72.60 £ 72.60 72.60000000000001 GBP
760 mm high polystyrene letter - Impact Condensed - Glittered
£ 94.60 £ 94.60 94.60000000000001 GBP

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