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Valentine's Props

VM Shelves

In addition to creating a centrepiece to your window display, the shelves can be used to effectively display retail items and will look great from the outside as well as inside of your store!

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Large semi 3D Hearts

Available from 300mm to 1200mm (over 4ft), with a flat front and back, then radiused edges as standard, the large hearts can make a great centre piece to any display.

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2D hearts and Cupids

Our lightweight 2D polystyrene hearts are ideal for hanging or affixing to walls. Glittered, painted or plain they create a Valentine mood that surely Cupid himself would approve!

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Small 3d Hearts

From 50mm to 150mm these polystyrene hearts can give the smallest space a romantic feel. Available in plain white, glittered or painted - with or without hanging points.

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3D Balloon props.

New for this season is our range of 3d polystyrene balloon shapes. Covered in glitter, and fitted with a hanging point at the top, and a length of ribbon the bottom. These wont deflate in the window !!

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3D Love Letters

Our letters are cut from high quality display grade polystyrene, which contains a flame retarding additive. They can be finished plain, or covered with glitter! These letters are available from 100mm letters over 2 meters! As well as our standard valentines range, we also offer a full bespoke letter and logo service.

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300mm Polystyrene 3D Glittered Heart Balloon
£ 54.38 £ 54.38 54.38 GBP
300mm Polystyrene 3D Glittered Balloon - pack of 5
£ 200.53 £ 200.53 200.53 GBP
300mm Polystyrene 3D Glittered Balloon
£ 57.30 £ 57.30 57.300000000000004 GBP
300mm (approx. 12 inches) VM Cupid-Heart Shelf
£ 84.35 £ 84.35 84.35000000000001 GBP
300mm (approx. 12 inches) Heart VM Shelf
£ 62.95 £ 62.95 62.95 GBP
280mm high 2D Polystyrene Heart - Glittered - pack of 5
£ 50.30 £ 50.30 50.300000000000004 GBP
280mm high 2D Polystyrene Cupid - Plain White - pack of 5
£ 21.83 £ 21.83 21.830000000000002 GBP
200mm Polystyrene 3D Glittered Heart Balloon
£ 34.73 £ 34.73 34.730000000000004 GBP

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